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How It Works

The Pregmune PGM-1 Reproductive Immunology Assessment is a comprehensive immunological testing platform that employs best-of-breed machine learning to identify often-overlooked causes for reproductive failure — and provide expert guidance for personalized follow-up treatment with your own doctor.

Follow these steps to get started today:

  1. 1Enroll as a Pregmune patient

    Both female (or assigned-female at birth) and male patients: 

    • Create your personal accounts on the Pregmune Patient Portal. Female and male patients need separate accounts. 
    • Fill and submit all the Forms and Patient Consents.
    • [Optional] If you need more information, schedule a call with the Pregmune Team

    Important things to know before starting the PGM-1 process: 

    You need to have your own physician (OB-GYN, reproductive endocrinologist, immunologist, fertility specialist, or other) that can assist you with the process of getting your PGM-1 completed. 

    Your physician will: 

    • Request Pregmune to run a PGM-1 for you via the Consult Request Form (CRF) you will receive when you register
    • Order your blood work based on the pre-filled requisitions that Pregmune will provide 
    • Review the PGM-1 with you and decide how to implement Pregmune’s recommendations 

    Please note: Pregmune does not review or discuss the PGM-1 report with patients, but we’ll be glad to support your physician and answer any medical questions they may have. 

    The cost of lab work is not included in the cost of the PGM-1 

    • The cost of the PGM-1 does not include your blood work. 
    • The lab work required for the PGM-1 will be ordered by your own physician at external laboratories (Reprosource and Labcorp), based on pre-filled requisitions provided by Pregmune to you and your doctor. 
    • You and/or your health insurance will be responsible to pay for the lab work to the laboratories. We recommend you check with your insurance carrier in advance to determine your coverage. 
  2. 2Pay the Pregmune invoice

    Female patient only: 

    • Within 1 business day of submitting all your Forms and Consents, you’ll receive your Pregmune invoice via email. Pay online using the link provided with your invoice. 
  3. 3Involve your physician to sign and process the CRF and the lab work orders

    From your Patient Portal, download the following documents and bring them to your doctor: 

    • Female only: one Consult Request Form (CRF) for your physician to fill, sign and give it back to you 
    • Female and male: two Labcorp pre-filled requisitions for your physician to complete & give back to you 
    • Female only: one Reprosource (RS) pre-filled requisition for your physician to complete & fax to (781) 935-3068 or email to clientservices@reprosource.com. You need to get a copy of your RS requisition. 

    Important: Patient must sign the Reprosource requisition to authorize the results will be forwarded to Pregmune. 

    You’ll receive an alert from the Patient Portal when your documents are ready to be downloaded. 

    If your doctor is ordering Pregmune test panels for the first time, please have their office contact us at care@pregmune.com or (201) 409-4100. We’ll be happy to help set them up. 

  4. 4Return the signed CRF back to Pregmune

    We need the CRF signed by your physician to proceed with your PGM-1. You can: 

    • Upload it back on your Patient Portal (via the Quick Links) –OR– 
    • Email it to care@pregmune.com –OR– Fax it to (201) 928 5900 
  5. 5Schedule your lab appointments
    • Once you have your (2) Labcorp orders and the (1) Reprosource (female only) order in your hands, you can schedule your blood draws at the labs. 
    • Carefully read the Blood Draw Instructions included in the PGM-1 instructions and follow all the steps. 
  6. 6Receive your PGM-1 Report
    • Your PGM-1 report will be ready 6-8 weeks after all lab work have been drawn (barring that there are no issues with lab specimens). You’ll receive an email once your PGM-1 is available via your Pregmune Patient Portal. 
    • Pregmune will forward your PGM-1 report to your referring physician to review in detail with you. 


What is the Pregmune PGM-1 Reproductive Immunology Assessment Report?

The Pregmune PGM-1 Reproductive Immunology Assessment Report will help identify the potential causes of your infertility, will estimate your chances for successful live birth based on our customized artificial intelligence algorithm, and will provide you with expert guidance for follow-up treatment for improved chance of success.

How much does the report cost?

Patients are responsible for 2 different types of costs:

1) Cost of the PGM-1 Report: the PGM-1 Report costs about $2,000 and must be fully paid by the patient to Pregmune, as out of pocket. It does not include the cost of the blood/semen analysis performed by independent laboratories.

2) Costs of lab work - Lab work will be billed to the patient directly from the laboratory itself. Eligibility and costs of lab work largely depends on the patient’s insurance provider and plan. Please contact Labcorp at 1 (800) 845-6167, ReproSource at 1 (800) 667-8893 and your insurance carrier to ask for support in this regard.

Will I be covered by my insurance?

Pregmune providers are out-of-network with all insurance companies. The patient can attempt to submit a claim for reimbursement for the Pregmune PGM-1 Report cost to their insurance carrier by presenting the statement from Pregmune, which will include all the information and service codes that are required by most insurance carriers in order to evaluate reimbursement eligibility and amount.

Do I need my own physician?

Yes. All patients MUST have their own physician (i.e. Primary Care Physician, Reproductive Endocrinologist, OB/GYN) to request a consult to Pregmune by completing and signing the Consultation Request Form (CRF). Pregmune will also provide the patient with lab work requisitions listing all tests required to prepare the PGM-1 report. The patient will need to provide their own physician with the lab work requisitions, so they can process the orders to the labs. Pregmune will automatically receive a copy of lab results from the labs, and then your PGM-1 report will be prepared.
The physician that signs the CRF and orders the lab work will receive a copy of the PGM-1 report and will decide how to implement recommendations in the Pregmune report for the patient.

Can I discuss my results with a Pregmune fertility specialist?

Your Pregmune PGM-1 Reproductive Immunology Assessment Report is a comprehensive report that will assist your physician in diagnosing and treating your reproductive issues. It is advised to consult with your healthcare provider (gynecologist, reproductive endocrinologist or reproductive immunologist) to review the report.

Can Pregmune help with a fertility treatment plan?

Your Pregmune PGM-1 Reproductive Immunology Assessment Report will provide you and your physician with expert guidance for follow-up treatment for improved chances of success. It is advised to discuss the recommendations with your healthcare provider.

Where are the laboratory samples processed?

Laboratory samples are collected and processed at external, independent laboratories appointments at the most convenient location. Laboratory samples are collected and processed at external, independent laboratories. Lab work are ordered by the patient’s own physician (see FAQ #4) based on Pregmune’s directives. The patient will receive instructions on how to book appointments at the most convenient lab locations.

When will my results be ready?

On average, a patient should expect to receive their Pregmune PGM-1 Reproductive Immunology Assessment Report in about 6-8 weeks from the time all lab samples have been received at the laboratory.

Can medications affect my results?

Yes, some medications may have an impact on your immune system or hormone levels.

If you are on a short-term medication, we recommend finishing your treatment before collecting your blood sample.

If you are on regular medications, let us know in your questionnaire. Please note that you will have to get your blood draw before taking your dose.

Some surgical procedures, such as exploratory laparoscopy or D&C may also have an impact on your immune system. It is advised to wait 4 weeks, from the time of the procedure, to have your Pregmune PGM-1 Reproductive Immunology Assessment Report testing drawn.

Will a physician review my results?

Yes. Every single lab test result is reviewed, validated and interpreted by a member of the Pregmune medical and research team.

How will I receive the completed report?

The Pregmune PGM-1 Reproductive Immunology Assessment Report will be made available on the Pregmune Patient Portal as a PDF file that the patient can download, read and discuss with her referring physician.

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